Cedar City Sears closes its doors

By: Holly Linford
Iron County Today

The Cedar City Sears Hardware and Appliance Store is closing its doors and items in the store are currently on sale due to the closure.

Cheston Davis, a Cedar City resident, said he feels it’s a sad deal not only for Cedar City, but the surrounding communities as well.

“Sears was a key store that brought outside revenue to Iron county and offered a simple yet effective solution for not only local residents but residents from many small towns,” he said.  “Sears will be missed by all of us.  A huge thanks to the Nate Janes family for helping the community’s economy for years.”

Timmarie Marsh, a St. George resident, said she was sad to hear the store was closing since it was her first job out of high school.

“Nate was kinda like a dad to me,” she said. “He taught me so much, and him and his family were so great to me. I have so many fun memories from working in that store with Nate and everyone else.”

Marguerite Matthews, a former employee of Janes, said when she heard the news, she felt the loss for the community.

“Nathan is such a confident powerhouse and I knew it wasn’t from his lack of effort and determination that the store would be closing,” she said. “It truly is a hometown store run by hometown folk. I know though that Nathan is quite capable of going into another business venture and being successful so I have no doubt that his next journey will be a great one.”

Matthews said her favorite part of working at the smaller, hometown store was learning retail sales.

“It was often a challenge to go from talking about televisions and pixels then off to the neatest and coolest drill or shiny new refrigerator,” she said. “Sears has always been iconic to me as the place to buy everything you and your home could need.”

ShaRee Wright, a Cedar City resident, said she was sad to hear the news because it was her family’s go to store for everything.

Davis said the best part about Sears was the fact that they carried items and appliances customers needed instantly and most of the time needed it delivered.

Davis said his family was from Beaver county but could count on Sears to deliver.

Daniel Houchen, a Cedar City resident, said his favorite part about Sears was their customer service.

“When you walk in, you get a hello,” he said. “You just don’t get that in a big store.”

Wright said her favorite part about the store was Janes.

“He was seriously the best guy to deal with,” she said. “He was always available for any questions and would always give us the best deal that he could. I also loved being able to get what I needed when I needed it and not having to go to St. George or somewhere up north.”

The Cedar City Sears store owner refused to comment to the Iron County Today about the closure.

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