Cedar City Council passes zoning change by 4-1 vote

By Holly Coombs

Cedar City Mayor Maile Wilson stands with the Make Cedar Sparkle sponsor from America First Credit Union, Bobby Platt, owner of Hermies, who won the Make Cedar Sparke award for July and Chamber of Commerce President Chris McCormick.

The zoning change request for 1000 South 450 West, passed at Cedar City Council last Wednesday with a 4-1 vote.

For the past three weeks, the council took careful consideration of the issue, with multiple public hearings and discussion.

With main concern for traffic, water and entry to the proposed student housing development area owned by Leavitt Land, Council member Fred Rowley said no in his vote on the issue.

Council member Craig Isom moved to approve the item.

“This has been a long process so we can keep an eye on it and that it will go forward as we’ve discussed,” Isom said.

Council member Paul Cozzens seconded the motion to approve the zoning.

The monthly “Make Cedar Sparkle” award was presented to Bobby Platt, the owner of Hermies, for her work to keep her business and the area around it clean.

“It pays off to make your place sparkle,” Rowley said. “I hope others follow your example.”

Cedar City Mayor Maile Wilson announced the construction of the new cemetery building, which is currently in progress.

PHOTO by Holly Coombs

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