Iron County Extension hosts 4-H Open House


By Kelsey Keener


CEDAR CITY–Employees of the Iron County Extension Office helped showcase activities and programs that will be available through 4-H during an open house last Friday.


Kathleen Riggs, a member of the 4-H faculty, said 4-H is the Extension Office’s focus on the youth in the county and the program is intended to give kids valuable skills and lessons.


“The thing that I like the most about 4-H is the fact that the kids not only get experience having fun, but they’re actually learning life skills, that could turn into hobbies that could turn into careers,” Riggs said.

Riggs also said 4-H programs help teach kids to use those skills the right way, using the Food Preservation Day Camp as an example.


“There are a lot of blogs out there that do food preservation but they don’t always follow the right guidelines,” she said. “When they come through a 4-H program they know how to do things correctly and they can be selling their product at farmers markets or have their own business.”


During the open house, several booths were set up featuring different clubs and camps that are available through the 4-H program.


Archie Schaffer represented the Cedar City Racing Pigeon Club with the hope of preserving the sport of pigeon racing.


“We would like to expose some youth to the sport and all the members in our club are willing to raise babies for new kids that want to get involved in it and then sponsor little races just between the kids … just get them exposed to it while they’re young and hopefully when they become adults they’ll come back to the sport and it’ll keep our sport strong,” Schaffer said.


Bee Inspector Blaine Nay brought some of his bees to the open house to advocate for the Iron County 4-H Beekeeping Club. Locals Chris, Lilly and William Heaton operated a booth featuring information about raising and showing goats. Nicole Hopkins offered a look at the Extension Office’s Master Gardening programs.


There are many other camps, clubs and activities available through Iron County 4-H, and registration for summer day camps is now open.

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