Historic Neighborhood Block Party celebrates 75th Year


By Corey Baumgartner

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY–An old Czech proverb says that, “A good neighbor increases the value of your property.” However, for the neighbors living on both sides of 200 West between 200 South and 400 South in Cedar City, it can also be said that a good neighbor also increases the value of your heart and happiness.

That’s what neighbors who live on what they affectionately call “The Street” will not only tell you, but show you. This neighborly camaraderie has been celebrated with an annual block party for seventy-five years, without a miss. Word on the street is that the inaugural celebration, held on September 19, 1943, was to say goodbye to a neighbor moving away. It was deemed a success and a new neighborly tradition was born.

This year’s block party was hosted by Brad and Melanie Orton and held at their beautiful home located at 248 South 200 West. Each year a new host and home are chosen to hold the special gathering. A detailed history of each historic home and family has also been kept over the many years by diligent historians. During each year’s festivities families update the history with new stories from the past year of their lives. They are stories that will be cherished for the next 75 years and beyond.

Since 1943, a lot has changed on 200 West—which can also boast of being Cedar City’s only historic district—during several periods of change and growth during the decades. But with new houses and new neighbors, one thing will always stay the same. Neighbors new and old will always find their way to the welcoming warmth of the good people living on “The Street.”


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