Fees may be charged to hikers at Kanarraville Falls

An $8 fee per hiker will be charged starting May 1 at Kanarraville Falls, one of Iron County’s most popular outdoor recreation sites. The Iron County Commission on Monday approved a special-use agreement with Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) to lease an area that includes the slot canyon and falls area. The lease is for five years and can renew automatically for consecutive five-year leases unless otherwise changed.

Residents of Kanarraville have been concerned about seasonal traffic from tourists and hikers coming into the area, and their impact on parking and resources of the community. The new fee replaces a $10 per vehicle parking fee that is now in effect. Large groups of 30 or more will be charged a flat fee of $25, but only one group a day will be allowed. The success of the new fee structure in curtailing visitor numbers will be monitored.


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