Family thanking community for support

By Kelsey Keener

ENOCH–Enoch resident Beverly Swapp and the Zobell family would like to thank the community and local businesses who supported them through a difficult time.

Kailene and Coby Zobell’s young son, Nash, had to be driven to Salt Lake City once a week for cancer treatments over the last three years. Swapp, a close friend of the family, decided to try and help cover some of the costs of traveling by collecting donations for the family. She was allowed to put donation boxes in Sizzler and The Hub in Cedar City, and the money collected from those boxes helped the family a great deal.

Swapp said insurance doesn’t pay for traveling and eating, and that’s why she wanted to help.

“That money was a godsend to them, it really was,” she said.

Nash is now doing better, and only has to travel to Salt Lake City once every three months, while going to St. George for treatment once a week. The Zobell family and Swapp said they wanted to thank those who have donated, as well as Sizzler and The Hub for allowing the donation boxes.

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