Dine Dine Out for Shelter event raises $17,500 for Canyon Creek Crisis Center

CEDAR CITIY – Fifteen restaurants, one town and thousands of diners helped Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center raise $17,500 for its sixth annual Dine Out for Shelter fundraising event on October 19.

“This is such an important event for the CCWCC, as it is our largest annual fundraiser. We are so grateful for the generosity of the restaurant owners and our community members, who gave such tremendous support. Without all of you, this event could not have been successful. We raised over $17,500 to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in our area, more than any previous year,” said fundraising chair and CCWCC Board member Tessa Douglas.

This year, 15 restaurants throughout Cedar City participated by giving 15 to 50 percent of their proceeds on October 19. Participants this year included Pizza Cart, Pisco Peruvian, Great Harvest, All American Diner, Brick House Café, Centro, Charlies, both Dairy Queen locations, Depot Grill, El Quetzal, Pastry Pub, Pork Belly’s, Teriyaki Grill and Chili’s.

This is the second year in a row Pizza Cart has donated 50 percent of their proceeds for the Dine Out event. Pizza Cart earned the award for the highest funds raised from a combination of their restaurant proceeds and donations from Pizza Cart diners. Their total donations equaled $3,166.

“We are happy to help out and feel that it is a good cause. We look forward to doing it every year,” said Cindy and Jason Murray, owners of Pizza Cart.

According to CCWCC, government grants, their largest source of financial donations, require matching donations in order to access grant funds. Financial donations can be used to address any pressing needs of the center and its programs, while grant funds are limited to specific services or items. These financial donations often mean the difference between cutting back services versus expanding them to meet the critical needs of the community.

“We live in such a generous community. I was constantly humbled by how willing to give our local restaurant owners were, as well as by how charitable the patrons were who dined out that day. It speaks volumes about the people who live here, and I’m grateful and proud to be a part of this amazing community,” Douglas said.

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