Council discusses fees, RAP taxes

By Kelsey Keener

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY–The Cedar City Council considered adjustments to the use of impact fees, as well as to the use of RAP taxes during last week’s meeting.

The first consideration was an ordinance amending the use of public safety impact fees so that they may be used for fire suppression vehicles in addition to fire facilities.

City Attorney Tyler Romeril explained that the current impact fee facility plan only allows for fees collected for fire services to be used for public safety facilities, but that the state code says those fees can be used on a suppression vehicle. In order for the city to use the fees according to state codes, an amendment to the current impact fee facility plan is necessary.

“Due to growth, there’s an increased need to have a little more flexibility on how we use these impact fees,” Romeril said. “The proposal today, or the purpose of this ordinance, would be to amend the city’s impact fee facility plan, saying that we can use these fees not only for facilities but also for the suppression vehicles.”

The second consideration was reallocating Recreation and Parks Tax funds from the lights at the Fields at the Hills project to the Bicentennial Rehabilitation Project.

Director of Leisure Services Bryan Dangerfield said there are impact fees available to Leisure Services that would allow the lights at the Fields at the Hills project to be completed sooner, and the Bicentennial Softball Complex is in need of refurbishments.

“What we’d like to do with the bicentennial ball fields is we would like to do some rehabilitation with the parking lot,” Dangerfield said. “We want to take down the center structure that was built a long time ago, make it a single story, reconfigure the restrooms, and have a concession stand there. The fields there are outstanding, but the center structure is not up to the standards that we would like to see.”

Dangerfield added that city staff would take care of the demolition of the current structure and the new structure would include concessions and room for storage with no need for a second story.

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