Council approves new disc golf course

By Kelsey Keener

CEDAR CITY–The Cedar City Council has approved an agreement between the city and Southern Utah University to build a new disc golf course in the Thunderbird Gardens area.

The new disc golf course will be the third in Cedar City and is intended to be more family-friendly and youth-accessible than existing courses.

SUU Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jason Ramirez said the university hopes that adding this course will decrease the vandalism occurring in that area.

“Part of our concern was we understood that (the) Thunderbird Gardens area is a high vandalism area,” Ramirez said. “Adding traffic to an area that has high vandalism will help a lot with that.”

Ramirez also said having an easier course will allow more people to be involved in the sport.

“Three Peaks and Ironside are wonderful courses, but at the same time they’re for a very high-caliber player,” he said. “Having a shorter course that is more family-friendly to get youth involved would make more sense in our mind, in addition to being located much closer to town where kids can ride their bikes to it and be able to play.”

City Manager Paul Bittmenn explained the agreement details that the city will let SUU use its land to put up the course and contribute $5,000, while SUU agrees to buy the course, install it, maintain it and run it. Bittmenn added that the Bureau of Land Management is supportive of the course.

“In the past five or six years we’ve worked with BLM on this property to clean it up a little bit,” Bittmenn said. “BLM (has) put in some rail fencing and leveled out a parking area for a trail head, they have a number of mountain biking trails in the area; they’re very supportive of this idea. They think it would bring more good folks into the area to recreate.”

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