Council approves gravel pit lease, considers affluent water recharge

By Holly Coombs

Cedar City Council approved the renewal of a lease on Schmidt Construction’s gravel pit, heard a consideration for recharging effluent water for recharge and made a proclamation for the 100th anniversary of the Red Cross at its meeting last Wednesday.

In its previous meeting, the council contended about the flood mitigation project being too close to the airport according to Federal Aviation Administration regulations and using Phil Schmidt’s gravel pit for the project temporarily or seasonally. The council agreed to work with the FAA and did approve the lease for Schmidt.

“We want to work with the FAA and not hide what we are doing,” City Council Member Terri Hartley said in an interview with the Iron County Today.

We want to work with the FAA and not hide what we are doing
— Terri Hartley, Cedar City Council Member

Hartley said while the water project is important, the city does not have the money to pay $4 million in fines by not working with the FAA.

In the previous council meeting, City Manager Paul Bitmenn said FAA is not just black and white, but they are willing to work with the city’s situation.

City Council Member Paul Cozzens, who is on the Iron County Water Conservancy District board, is one who heads the flood mitigation and recharge projects in the city.

Cozzens emphasized at the council’s previous meeting about the necessity of conserving water per instruction by the state engineer.

The council continues to work a plan to satisfy the needs of the water conservancy and working with the FAA.

State Water Quality representatives made a presentation to the council about using sewer water for recharge.

The idea is under uncertainty at the moment.

“Using that water is a bit unsettling,” Hartley said.

The council will have its next scheduled meeting on June 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers.


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