Citizens voice concerns on city budget, Vesley sworn in at Parowan City Council meeting

By Holly Coombs

Citizens shared their concerns with the city budget and new Parowan City Council Member Patti Vesley was sworn in at the Parowan City Council meeting last Thursday.

The Parowan City Council considered approving its budget and citizens voiced their concerns regarding the transfer possibility from the electrical fund.

“I’m just concerned because it’s our money and you guys get to spend it,” one citizen said. “We trust you with our money.”

Parowan City Council Member Vickie Hicks said that it is no easy feat for the council to decide either.

“That’s the history (to transfer funds),” Hicks said. “It’s never been easy and it never will be easy to decide what to do and we have to do what we can in the citizen’s best interest.”

City Manager Joshua Jones said that the budget spending is available to the public online on Parowan’s website so citizens know where money is going.

Aside from the budget discussion, Vesley was sworn in as a new member of the council replacing Jay Orton, who is stepping down for the rest of his term because of employment conflicts.

Vesley plans to serve the rest of Orton’s term as well as run for council in November.

“I’ve lived her 15 years,” she said at the previous meeting after being chosen by the council vote to replace Orton. “I want to be involved and help out in the city. I think council is a great way to do that.”



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