Cedar City resident creates Cedar City Temple quilt displayed at State Bank of Southern Utah

By Holly Coombs


A Cedar City Temple Quilt displayed on the second floor of the State Bank of Southern Utah on Cedar City’s Main Street was created by Cedar City resident Scott Solomon.

Solomon said he chose the subject for his project because of the focus in Cedar City of a temple being built.

Many techniques were applied in creating the quilt.

“The ‘sky’ was created using a ‘9-patch’ design, which is nine squares sewn together into a square and then the units being sewn together to make the pattern,” he said.

Solomon said the applique on the temple was created with “freezer” paper.

“First the fabric was iron onto freezer paper to make clean edges; then each piece was appliqued by hand, including doors and windows,” he said.

The “landscaping” was an interesting project on its own, Solomon said.

“Fabric was donated from fellow Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild members,” he said. “They also helped in the designing of the trees, bushes, plants, etc. Some of the landscaping fabrics came from Clovers in St. George, a shop that specializes in ‘designer’ fabrics.”

The “Sun, Moon and Stars,” he said, represent the 3 Degrees of Glory, like the ones seen on the Salt Lake City Temple.

“The Angel Moroni on top of the temple, was made from a photograph,” Solomon said. “The photo was reversed and placed on a window, then sketched on the material through the window and then embroidered.”

Connie Biasi, of Parowan, used her quilting machine and assisted with the detail of the quilting.

“(She) did a fabulous job with her detailed quilting,” he said. “She accented every line in the hills; every brick on the walls, and the foliage on the tree of bushes. The sky was quilted in ‘cloud’ patterns.”

Solomon said he hopes the public will take the time to enjoy the work by visiting State Bank of Southern Utah.



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