Cedar City Hospital’s New Year baby arrives

CEDAR CITY – Cedar City Hospital 2018 New Year’s Baby arrived at 9:19 a.m. New Year’s Day. Auston Corry weighed in at 6 pounds, 11 ounces, 18 inches long, and, for being born exactly a month earlier than his due date, is healthy and doing very well. His proud parents are Doug and Maegan Corry of Cedar City.

Auston is the Corry’s fifth child, and Maegan says she has never had any complications before with her other children, but for some reason, wasn’t feeling very well New Year’s Eve. Fortunately for Maegan, there was no shortage of medical expertise for her to draw on.

“Both of my sisters are nurses, two of my brothers-in-law are doctors, and so is my father-in-law,” says Maegan. Her sisters, Nicole Lunt and Lindsay Schmutz, work at Cedar City Hospital and Dixie Regional Medical Center, her brothers-in-law are Jacob Corry and Mark Corry with Intermountain’s Valley View Family Medicine, and her father-in-law is Bob Corry, a local retired family practice doctor.

Maegan says “When I told my sisters I wasn’t feeling very well, they took my blood pressure. I never have had high blood pressure before with my other children, and so we’re not sure why, but my blood pressure was at 172 over 112.”

They called Doug’s brother Mark, who urged them to quickly get Maegan to Cedar City Hospital, and when her blood pressure wouldn’t go down, “I was told ‘You’re having a baby tonight,’” smiles Maegan.

Some complications arose during delivery where Maegan had to undergo surgery right after the birth for hemorrhaging that occurred, however, she is recovering and doing well and was set to be released from the hospital today.

Maegan and Doug say their other four children were out to Cedar City Hospital today to see and hold Auston and “they like him and think he’s pretty cute.” Doug says, “The reason Auston doesn’t yet have a middle name is with his being a month early we didn’t have time to pick one out yet.” Maegan jokes, “Auston is our fifth and definitely our last child. I guess with all that happened with this delivery and having him on New Year’s Day we decided we were going out with a bang!”


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