Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival starts July 7

CEDAR CITYReturning for its 13th consecutive annual appearance, the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival will feature thousands of beautiful flowers poised against the monument’s scenic backdrop. This year’s festival takes place July 7 to July 22 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cedar Breaks National Monument. The event is free to visitors who have paid for park admission and includes wildflowers, guided walks, special programs, a photography contest and more.


“The wildflower festival brings a stunning addition to an already beautiful destination,” said Amber Bennett, marketing assistant of the Cedar City – Brian Head Tourism Bureau, in a release. “Visitors will not only be impressed by the sites of Cedar Breaks National Monument, but also by the many wildflowers that will be scattered throughout the mountaintop. For those who are looking for a worthwhile summer activity to escape the heat, the wildflower festival is a perfect option.”


Several different types of wildflowers bloom in late June and early July, with displays peaking in mid-July. These flowers include aspen bluebells, kittentails, cushion phlox, scarlet paintbrushes, little sunflowers and more, which paint the monument’s meadows with a brilliant array of colors.


To help visitors identify and enjoy these various wildflowers, two different “tour” options are available. The first is a guided hike led by a specialist (a park ranger or volunteer) who is familiar with the different wildflowers found in the monument. These hikes leave from the visitor center at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. each day of the event.


The second tour option is a self-guided hike. Guests can pick up a wildflower checklist and a “What’s in Bloom” handout to assist them as they explore the meadows and forests. The National Park Service has also created a free app entitled, “The Wildflowers of Cedar Breaks National Monument” (available for iOS and most Android devices). The app allows visitors to quickly and easily identify more than 100 of the area’s most common wildflowers.


One of the most popular activities connected with the festival is photography. Those who take pictures at the event can send images to cedarbreaksinfo@nps.gov for a chance to win a prize and have their submitted photograph featured on next year’s wildflower festival poster.


“Photography is growing in popularity among all ages,” Bennett said. “Whether you are a professional photographer looking for great outdoor shots or just hope to share your adventures with those on your social media pages, the Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival has something for all.”


In addition to wildflower hikes and photography opportunities, the festival also features other family-friendly activities. These activities are held at the visitor center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends during the event.


For more information about the festival, visit nps.gov/cebr/wildflower-festival.htm. To learn more about other activities available in the area, visit visitcedarcity.com.


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