‘Beard Permits’ for good cause in Cedar City

By Kelsey Keener

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY—Police Chief Darin Adams is allowing employees to pay $20 per month until April 2 for “Beard Permits.” This allows those who wish to grow facial hair and the money raised will be donated to Troy Goulding, a fleet mechanic for the Cedar City Corporation, and his family to help cover his medical costs.

Public Affairs Sergeant Jerry Womack said Goulding’s diagnosis came to the department’s attention recently and was the motivation for repeating a similar event the department did last year.

“We did this last year and raised money for the cancer center, so Chief (Adams) decided to do the same thing and donate the money to Troy’s family for helping with their expenses during the protracted treatment he’s going to have,” Sgt. Womack said.

Chief Adams said that normally only mustaches are allowed for uniformed officers and conservative goatees or beards for investigators, but he tries to have balance between old school thought and the new generation.

“This is an opportunity to give the guys something they desperately want while also benefiting someone desperately in need,” Chief Adams said.

In addition to raising money for a worthy cause, Sgt. Womack said he hopes that this event gives the Police Department a chance to engage with the community.

“We’ve strived for years to try and engage the community and make sure they know we’re here to serve them,” he said. “This gives us a chance to show that we’re human and that we’re generous, that we want to be generous and we want to help our fellow citizens as well.”

Sgt. Womack had the opportunity to visit Goulding after his first round of chemotherapy was completed.

“It was honestly very touching,” he said. “Troy is kind of a quite guy and doesn’t want attention. He’s just at a loss for words (because of) how supportive people have been. He’s a great guy, and very deserving.”

The fundraising has been opened to the public as well. Those who wish to donate to Goulding and his family can find a link on the Cedar City Police Department Facebook page. Employees are growing their hair to raise money for Goulding’s battle with leukemia.

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