Armed suspects captured after chase through Parowan

By Craig Bennett

Iron County Today

PAROWAN–Two armed suspects with warrants out for their arrest in Colorado were captured after a pair of high speed pursuits by law enforcement officers through the Parowan area last week.

Freddy Harry Houghton from Cedaredge, Colorado, was booked into the Iron County Jail on charges of felony evading, receiving and possession of a stolen vehicle, and fugitive from justice, among other charges. Nicholas William Pell from Delta, Colorado, was also booked into the Iron County Jail on a possession of a dangerous weapon charge, as well as fugitive from justice charge, among others.

According to Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lt. Steve Esplin, It began last Wednesday morning when a UHP Trooper attempted to make a traffic stop in Parowan on a simple seat belt violation. The vehicle, an SUV, fled down Main Street to the area of the Heritage Park and then up the dirt road known as the P-Hill road, which goes up into Parowan Canyon.

Previous flash flooding had washed out the road that connects the P-Hill road with SR143 to Brian Head. The male driver and a female passenger fled on foot, trying to cross the creek in the area. A UHP Trooper on the other side of the creek apprehended the woman; however, the driver was able to flee, evading law enforcement officers at the time.

Troopers from UHP, Iron County Sheriff’s deputies, Brian Head Marshalls Office, Parowan City Officers, Enoch City Police and Cedar City Police, including a helicopter, were involved in the incident.

According to a report from Parowan City, Parowan High School and Parowan Elementary were briefly placed on lockdown, but the lockdown was lifted and the students at both schools were released from school at the regular time.

During the time that law enforcement officers were looking for the escaped driver of the SUV, a resident from Parowan called police with a tip. The resident said that a man near the park had asked to borrow a phone and then called a Colorado number. The man was reportedly driving a white Dodge pickup truck.

The suspect truck was spotted on the frontage road near Summit and the second high speed chase began northbound on I-15 to mile marker 82. The driver sped down Highway 271 through Paragonah and then back into Parowan.

Lt. Esplin said, “ We tried to keep the pursuit on I-15 and out of town but he kept coming back into Parowan.”

An Iron County Deputy Sheriff who had joined the pursuit attempted a PIT maneuver, spinning out the truck and disabling it near the Heritage Park. The man in the truck was arrested and taken into custody, but was also discovered not to be the man law enforcement had pursued that morning. Police learned that both men knew each other and both were wanted out of Colorado. Allegedly, the call the man had made earlier was to the man involved in the first high speed chase. They knew each other and were communicating by phone during the incident.

After the second man involved was arrested, law enforcement put out a message to area resident to keep an eye out for the original man who had evaded police.

Within 45 minutes, another Parowan resident called dispatch saying they had seen a man matching the description walking down the road, disoriented and wearing only one shoe. He was also taken into custody.

The woman involved in the incident was questioned by authorities but not taken into custody.

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