Local support group hosts Remembrance Walk

By Kelsey Keener

Iron County Today

CEDAR CITY–Members of Share Families of Southern Utah organized a Walk for Remembrance for community members Saturday at the Main Street Park.

Brenda Carling, a member and supporter of Share Families, said the walk is intended to provide support for families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

“It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your pregnancy or how old your child was,” she said. “We’re here to support the parents and the family.”

The program began with a song performed by Jolene Willardson and the reading a list of names of those lost by parents so participants knew who they were walking for.

Assistant Coordinator Kayce Pearson said Share Families is dedicated to providing assistance to parents and families who experience pregnancy or infant loss, and she hopes community members know they do not have to go through loss alone.

“It’s not something anyone wants to go through, but they need to know it’s normal to go through in life so they can reach out to those that have had that happen,” she said.

In addition to support, the walk is the Share Families’ only fundraising event for the year. Carling said the funds go toward paying national and state dues, as well as putting together care packages for families who have recently experienced a loss.

“We put together little boxes of things to bring to the hospital, if the mother did give birth at the hospital,” Carling said.

Raising money to pay the national dues and be a certified chapter of Share Families allows group members to be in the hospital and provide support when a loss is experienced.

“We needed to be an official organization for Intermountain Healthcare to let us in, so that we could be there when their babies were born so we can do pictures, footprints, molds, and give them items and help them know what’s normal, what’s not normal and things like that,” Pearson said.

Participants walked from Main Street Park for one block on Main Street, and back to the park. Upon their return, walkers were offered balloons and the opportunity to write a message on them before releasing them into the air.

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