Wendell V. Miller

Wendell V. Miller was born December 21, 1933 in Provo, Utah to Elliott VanZant and Lila Margaret Fullmer Miller.

His body was found July 27, 2018. Wendell apparently fell into a large hole while feeding his beloved dogs. Friends had missed him for days but had not been able to locate him. A friend noticed the dogs had not been fed or watered. While caring for them he found Wendell in the hole. He had apparently lost consciousness in the fall, as there were no signs of a struggle to get out.

Wendell leaves behind a family and friends. He is survived by his children: Curtis (deceased), Clinton, Cory, Charisma, Christopher, Charie and Chiara; 23 grandchildren and sisters, MarjO’Lee and Marilyn.

Wendell served in the Navy for several years on an aircraft carrier. After serving in the Navy he took firefighter training and was employed with Provo City Fire Department. He served the City of Provo for 25 years. He lived in Utah County from retirement until about five years ago when he moved to Lund.

Wendell then got some dogs to keep himself company and settled into life there. He frequently went into town for supplies and got acquainted with people. Many began to recognize Wendell, the man with a smile and beard that reminded them of Santa Claus. Wendell was interested in everyone and everything, and soon he had a group of people who looked forward to seeing him every week.

Wendell was very active for being 84. He planned to build a modern farm utilizing aquaponics and other high-tech methods to help provide healthier foods for Southern Utah. He also returned to his roots in the LDS church, becoming active in his ward, and serving as a temple worker in the Cedar City Temple. The people he ministered to knew he really cared, and they cared about him in return. Wendell leaves behind many friends that are better for having known him, and though they will miss him, we know he’s in a better place.

Services were held at 11 a.m., Friday, August 3, 2018 at the Berg Drawing Room Chapel, 185 E. Center Street, Provo, Utah. Friends visited with family from 10-10:45 a.m. prior to services. Burial information will be announced once it is confirmed. Condolences may be expressed at www.bergmortuary.com.


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