Pi Day at Gateway Academy

This week was full of Pi! Gateway Academy middle school students had some “sweet” experiences when it came to learning about all kinds of different Pi’s!


Recitations of Pi — it was amazing to see 150 adolescents get excited and respectfully silent when their classmates were working really hard to recite hundreds of digits of Pi. We were so proud of them. The winners were Kaigen, Siena, Linden, and Ryan.


Pie around the world — Students learned about different types of pie made and eaten all over the world, a cultural celebration that spotlighted the unity of people through food. Students then ate the pies they had made themselves on Tuesday.


P.I.E. — Students learned about Proto Indo European, the mother language of our own and hundreds of others on the planet. They speed-researched one of the branches which stemmed from P.I.E. and presented their findings to one another.


Pie in the face — Students voted by cheering for which teacher would receive the pie in the face. Mr. Ferree won, doubtless due to his dozens of hilarious math jokes through the Pi session. Students had to throw a frisbee through the basketball hoop from targets on the floor to get the chance to pie him, and Mr. Burt won that honor. Mr. Ferree looked stunning in his shiny zebra print shower cap with pink frills, and took his pie in the face honorably.


Pi day was a moving example of why Gateway is great. Way to go, Gateway!

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