News Nuggets September 19

Compiled by LeAnn Woolstenhulme

Iron County School District



North Elementary PTA’s Math-a-thon Fundraiser is under way! Parents, please look for your child’s pledge sheet and help!  Here is a list of some of the prizes offered:  1) A Cedar City Fun Pack for the two children who raise the most money. 2) A family pass to the Cedar City Aquatics Center family pass (good on Sept 29) for EVERY child that brings ANY money in. 3) The teacher of the class that earns the most money gets to have a “Slime Challenge” against the principal, Mr. Whittier.  4) The class that scores the highest on their math challenge will get a popcorn party. All funds raised will help fund equipment and supplies for our science and technology efforts here at North.  Please give generously!



Canyon View Middle School HOPE Squad has been selected for this year.  We have 29 amazing students on HOPE Squad this year.  They had the opportunity to attend a conference in St. George with Mrs. Killian and Mrs. Nielsen on Sept. 5, where they were trained and certified in QPR, (Question, Persuade, Refer) a mental health crisis response protocol similar to what CPR would be in a physical crisis.  They will be active in searching for opportunities to help students at our school who may be in need of help, and educating the student body as to when and where to access help.


Congratulations to Mrs. Stephanie Blauer for qualifying for the Boston marathon. She has run a lot of half marathons the past 3 years. With encouragement from her family, she began to train for a full marathon which she was able to complete a full marathon in 3:26:40. WAY TO GO!



Enoch Elementary remembered the event of Sept. 11 on Tuesday. Classes found ways to honor heroes and show patriotism. The halls were filled with stars, stripes, and symbols of freedom. Principal Daniel Ekker visited several classes and schools to talk about his time in the military. He shared with students the meaning of patriotism, the importance of respecting the flag, and the privilege we have to be Americans.

5th grade students are warming up their stringed instruments and signing up for orchestra. The staff and students are excited to welcome new orchestra teacher, Ms. Caitlin Lucero. These classes will be held Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. The tigers look forward to some beautiful music this year!


School pictures will be flashing on Sept. 25.


Get ready for fun and games during our school fundraiser carnival on Sept. 28.



East’s Wellness Center is up and running with the guidance with our new licensed clinical mental health counselor, Mr. Killian. We’re so excited to be offering a safe place for our students to go to when the stresses of life are getting in the way of active classroom participation. Students who are dealing with big emotions for any reason are able to go down to the wellness center where they can use strategies to help them calm down. Supervised by Mr. Killian or one of our fabulous Wellness Center aids, students are finding success and the ability and confidence to regulate their emotions. Students generally return to class within fifteen minutes and are able to more fully focus and learn. In addition to helping students deal with big emotions on an as-needed basis, our Wellness Center also offers groups to help students develop skills in other areas that impact their success socially as well. SEP conferences are on the horizon. Please be watching for a notice coming home from your child’s teacher regarding scheduling this very important meeting!



Three Peaks Elementary 3rd grade students participated in their annual egg drop on Friday, Sept. 7.  They carefully created a wrapping around a raw egg in hopes that it would survive the drop from the school’s roof.  Amazingly, some eggs made the drop without breaking.  Thank you to the parents who helped their child participate in this fun adventure and to the 3rd grade teachers for scheduling the event; Shaun Hunt, Audrey Einerson, Tonya Stratton, and Shauna Marshall.

Three Peaks PTA will host the annual Move-A-Thon on Friday, Sept. 28 from 2-3 p.m. Please watch for the green pledge sheet that will be sent home with each child. To earn the collected pledge money, students must “move” for one uninterrupted hour on the playground with the rest of the student body. 100 percent of the proceeds will be used to support year-round programs, classroom support, and student activities.


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