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Compiled by LeAnn Woolstenhulme

Iron County School District

(Editor’s note: Due to our early production schedule last week, News Nuggets came in to our paper after we’d gone to press. So here’s a recap of last week’s Nuggets, which should resume next issue once school is back in session).



On Wednesday (Dec. 20), CVMS celebrated the end of 3rd quarter with a Teacher vs. Student basketball game. Teachers brought their A game and it paid off.  They beat the student team by 2 points.  A huge thank you to all of the teachers who participated and Mrs. Mary Saylor who organized the game.

8th grade students ended the quarter with a Cougar Café. Students created a restaurant menu using specific parts of speech then made an item from their menu to present to a group of their peers.  Students went all out on their dishes and had some pretty spectacular presentations. Good job to all who overcame their speaking fear and presented!

3rd quarter began on January 2nd and ends on March 7th. Looking forward to a successful 2018.



North Elementary’s school improvement plan was approved by the Iron County School Board at their regular meeting held on December 20.  Here are some highlights of the plan:

Evidence-based instructional strategies will be practiced and implemented throughout the school.  These include the highly-effective strategies of feedback, metacognition, and Tier 1 reading instruction.  Teachers will work diligently to help students understand instructional objectives and how they’re doing in learning them.  Students will also use data notebooks to track their learning progress and set goals (with their teachers and parents) on how to constantly improve their performance.

North Elementary will also work to improve instructional team collaboration and will strive to improve our expectations of and belief in student achievement. We believe that if we follow these guidelines, and with lots of support from our parents and friends, we can make great progress again this year!



We would like to thank Mr. Robinson and Mr. Duncan, from the American Legion, for visiting our 5th grade classes and thanking them for singing at the Veteran’s memorial program last month.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the wonderful people in our South Elementary Community a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thank you for all that you do for our school.


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