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Enoch Elementary third grades went on a field trip to Diamond Z Ranch and the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum Monday, March 26. Students participated in multiple learning activities and had the opportunity to pet cows and sheep. At the museum, they had the opportunity to see how homesteaders lived and worked in Utah.


Reaction Time from Discovery Gateway Museum visited fifth graders on Monday, March 26. Students learned how to be scientists and perform chemistry. They created physical and chemical reactions with matter.


The First Grade Spring Program took place March 28. Students performed songs and poems for their parents and family. They sang Yankee Doodle, along with a song about dinosaurs, the seasons, the months of the year, and many more. Great job first grade teachers and students!


Sage testing has begun for third through fifth grade. Make sure students get plenty of rest and nutritious breakfasts. Get excited to see the awesome growth of our students!



Fourth grade recently held the East Elementary Sharp Minds Calculator Challenge. Participants were Nash Hawks, Aiden Reese, Kai Hunter, Derringer Shirley, Tarika Scholes, Jaxon Whittaker, Hyrum Heaton, Vand’n Henkel, Jace Israel, Shaylor Judd, and Kira Avila. All of the participants made it through the first round. The second round ended with one elimination, and that made for a very intense third and final round! The winners of the competition were Derringer Shirley, Aiden Reese, and Jaxon Whittaker. These three marvelous mathematicians advanced to the District Sharp Minds Calculator Challenge at Three Peaks Elementary on March 31. We are incredibly proud of all of the students who participated!



Our Kindergarten classes enjoyed their field trip to Cal Ranch to observe the baby chicks.  They also participated in classroom Easter Egg hunts which was a highlight of the week. Our third graders attended Farm Day at the Diamond Z Arena. They were able to learn about agriculture, farm life and, farm animals with hands on activities and displays. We hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe Spring Break.



Cedar North Elementary is excited to see our vision of a school garden coming to fruition!  With lots of help from Braun Construction, SUU, Dixie National Forest, and the USU Iron Co. Extension Office, we are ready for our official “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” on April 20 from 2-2:30 p.m. at the school garden site on the northwest corner of our playground.  All parents and other community members are invited.  Please come!



Three Peaks Elementary held a very successful Science Festival week March 19-23. Activities included stargazing courtesy of the SUU planetarium, an ArtsFusion activity about the body parts of insects and drawing details, and the SUU Animal Ambassadors teaching students about caring for animals and their habitats. Classroom teachers hosted a science share in their classrooms for parents to witness the work their child has been studying about a particular grade level science concept. Over 275 families visited classrooms and explored science concepts together with their children.  We believe that elementary students learn science best when they are involved in first-hand exploration and investigation and when inquiry and process skills are nurtured. Thank you to Mr. Blake Clark and the Science Ambassadors for scheduling the activities for the week and welcoming parents during the parent activity.



We are working on getting a new playground at Parowan Elementary. Our 3rd through 6th grade has never had playground equipment.  Our PTO is doing a fundraiser to help with this effort.  If you would like to be a part of this or help sponsor this huge community project, please visit our website or “gofundme” page for more information



The CVMS Science Olympiad Teams competed at the regional competition for Science Olympiad at SUU, Saturday, March 24.  In previous years there has not been quite as much competition but there were a lot of teams and the events themselves very rigorous.  The students have been spending hours upon hours working and preparing for this competition. We are pleased to announce that the following students placed in the top three for their events:


Josh Walton & Niky Johnson 2nd Place Anatomy & Physiology

Janae Ashworth & Taytum Stratton 1st Place Meteorology

Joshua McDonald & Carson Miles 3rd Place Solar System

Josh Walton & Ryen Bailey 1st Place Thermodynamics

Addie Beckstrand & Journey Baltzer 3rd Place Crime Busters

Tatum Stratton & Madison Hadley 1st Place Bottle Rockets


All participants include: McCoy Abbott, Janae Ashworth, Ryen Bailey, Journey Baltzer, Addie Beckstrand, Madison Hadlley, Macie Haight, Lindsey Hallows, Preston Haycock, Niky Johnson, Anthony McCune, Joshua McDonald, Katie Merdes, Carson Miles, Riley Rushton, Thomas Seals, Sam Shakespear, Taytum Stratton, Josh Walton


Congratulations to all for a job WELL DONE!! And a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Lambert for all you do to help them succeed!



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