Kimber Academy honors Martin Luther

On October 31, Kimber Academy celebrated the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther posting the 95 theses on the church door with a “Here I Stand” commemoration day.

The students were divided into three rotating groups. One group made a German dish called krautburgers. While their krautburgers were baking they discussed opportunities and experiences they have had to stand up for something they believe in.

Another group wrote down statements of beliefs and principles they are passionate about and willing to stand up for and nailed them to a piece of wood. They also wrote their statements on a sticky note and taped them on one of the school doors for everyone to read.

The last group watched a video about a Catholic Priest from Sicily, Italy named Vincenzo di Francesca who after finding a partially burnt copy of the Book of Mormon without a cover, began teaching from and stood up for the truths found in its pages even after he was asked to stop by his superiors.

To end our day, three skits were performed by each of the classes about Christopher Columbus, Joan of Arc, and Martin Luther. It was a very fun and successful day learning the principles of courage and “standing up.”

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