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Compiled by LeAnn Woolstenhulme

Iron County School District



Eagles Learn to Stand Together Against Drugs and Bullying! This week the students are learning how to “Stand Up, Stand Strong, and Stand Together” against drugs and bullying. The PTA is providing a small prize for those students who keep their wristbands on all week. On Friday, our students will be coming to school with crazy hair to show that it’s crazy to get involved with drugs and bullying!

In addition to participating in our Drug and Bully Prevention week, our fifth graders are lucky enough to be participating in the DARE program once more! We are so glad that the program has been funded again. Each week Officer Bergstrom from the Cedar City Police Department visits the fifth grade classes and teaches them about the dangers of illegal drugs, underage drinking, tobacco, and how to stand up and stand strong against peer pressure and bullying. We love our students and are grateful for the efforts of the PTA and Officer Bergstrom in helping them have successful futures!



Enoch staff and students paraded their costumes for the community to see. Ninjas, cowgirls, stormtroopers, and more weaved through each class as the lyrics of Monster Mash echoed down the hall. Parents were in attendance to observe and snap shots of the new Halloween event. The Canyon View High School Marching Band visited to introduce students to different instruments and perform some upbeat songs to kick off the festivities.

Thanks to the Beverly Taylor Art Grant and Art instructor Kirsten Anderson, the first grade students were able to study line, shape, movement, and pattern. They created masks to display the elements they learned.

Enoch Elementary School is excited to invite our community to participate in a global humanitarian effort this holiday season. Anyone can donate gift items or money for gift shoeboxes. These shoeboxes go all over the world to needy children. Donations need to be brought to school by Thursday, November 16.


The final tally is in and North Elementary PTA’s Mathathon was a smashing success!  With lots of help from students, parents, and friends, we raised almost $12,000.  Our goal was $8,500 and so, keeping with our theme of a STEAM school, a few lucky students were chosen by raffle ticket to turn Mr. Whittier into a volcano!  Our sincere thanks go out to Juliann Wilson, our amazing PTA president, and all those who helped make this such a successful event.  We will be using the money to buy equipment and supplies for our science labs!


Looking for math counts students!  Please come and check it out.  Thursdays, Mrs. Angela Sanders room-D102.  Lego club also meets on Thursdays in Mr. Brent Stratton’s room. After school clubs are from 2:30 until 3:30 p.m.  There are many different after school clubs. Please encourage your child to come and participate.

8th grade students have been writing scary stories during the month of October. Individual classes read stories and chose semi-finalists to move onto the final reading. On Halloween, student finalists read their stories at our “camp site”.  The talent that these students demonstrated through their writing is outstanding. One overall, grand prize winner was chosen-A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO JOURNEY BALTZER. Journey was award a scholarship to this summer’s Write Out Camp.


Thank you to South’s PTA and Hilary Carter for a great Red Ribbon Week. Parents spent countless hours decorating classroom doors with the theme of “Saying Boo to Drugs”.  The school looked great, and the students liked seeing all of the creative decorations. Another highlight of the week was the police dog assembly. Thank you to the Utah Highway Patrol and Cedar City Police Department for a fun and informative assembly about how police dogs are trained and how they help with the work of helping people and keeping our community safer.


Mayor Maile Wilson stopped by Fiddlers Elementary to “swear in” the new members of the Fiddlersburg Community Council on November 1, 2017.  The program encourages unity ownership, and school pride.  The council meets once a month as a “governing body.”  The council consists of the Mayor, the Assistant Mayor, and the City Manager.  Other members include a representative from each class at Fiddlers Elementary.

Photo- Mayor Maile Wilson pictured with members of the Fiddlersburg cabinet including Mayor, Bubba Ludlow, Community Manager, Addie Call, and Assistant Mayor, Taytem Allen (not pictured).


Three Peaks Elementary hosted the annual 5th grade maturation program on November 6 at 2 p.m. The PTA, our school nurse, Mrs. Crystal Shakespeare, and Dr. Craig Nielson prepared presentations and information packets for all of the 5th grade boys and girls. Thank you to the parents who were able to attend this event with their children.

Many of our students have been able to take advantage of both the Southern Utah Museum of Art and the Frehner Museum of Natural History this fall. They have learned how both humans and the natural world use art and design to their advantage. Students have discussed the process of adaptation and discovered how both animals and artists adapt to their environment. After touring both museums, students drew upon what they have learned in the creation of their own works of art. We appreciate this opportunity for our students to visit and learn about the community and its surroundings.



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