Cedar North Elementary opens new building one week before school starts

By Holly Coombs

CEDAR CITY–Cedar North Elementary School opened its new building, celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony and invited students and parents in for back-to-school night on Aug. 10.

“We want to thank the school board, because I know this didn’t come cheap,” Cedar North Elementary School Principal Ray Whittier said during the ribbon cutting that afternoon. “I’d also like to thank the taxpayers, seriously, so much, of Iron County. This is a beautiful place to be in and we couldn’t have done it without you; so thank you.”

As the ribbon was cut, Whittier said, “Welcome to our new home!” and invited everyone in.

Iron County School District Superintendent Shannon Dulaney said the new school is a tremendous accomplishment.

“It’s taken a lot of hard work, a lot of diligence and a lot of support from this wonderful community,” Dulaney said. “So, we are just grateful for that support for the students and their teachers.”

She said the building is designed for the focus on the STEAM programs, which is designed to enhance learning in technology, engineering and arts.

“Thanks to the wonderful community, here it is and it is going to be rejuvenating,” Dulaney said.

Chamber of Commerce President Chris McCormick said the chamber is thrilled for the new facility.

“It’s just helps things move forward in this community,” McCormick said. “We get to see that everything’s evolving, everything’s changing, we’re always seeing growth and opportunities and we’ve got to evolve with it.”

He said that the building will be a great asset to help kids learn more and grow, “… and have those opportunities to engage in things that they might not otherwise have opportunities in the other building,” McCormick said. “So seeing this kind of change is great, seeing new things happen is positive for us and we’re excited.”

Sen. Evan Vickers said he is excited to see the building come together.

“It’s great and it will do a lot for the students with the current education programs they are involved in,” Vickers said.

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