Sprinkles of cupcake craft and creativity

By Dawn Aerts

Iron County Today

When Tina Tubbs wants to be creative she often turns to fluffy batter and baking sheets, to colorful table-scapes decorated for flair, or to themed-baskets that she fills with a mix of this and that to make them both useful and memorable for the occasion.

Tubbs is essentially ‘an artist’ without paint.  

Her kitchen counters are the canvas that she uses to measure and pleasure the eye, as she bakes her favorite batch of heavenly cupcakes, candied-popcorn, or pretzel sticks.  “You don’t find too many ladies who do this kind of baking anymore,” said Tubbs of her work. “But give me a theme, a special occasion or holiday — and I’ll fly with it.”

Over the years, Tubbs has transitioned from her work in a bank, making homemade breads and fudge for co-workers, to administrative positions that might include a decorating project or baked goodies for an office party.  “I’ve enjoyed doing those kinds of things in the past,” said Tubbs of her years in Southern California. “But it wasn’t until 2011 that I started baking for personal enjoyment.”

Neighbors are quite familiar with her past time.

“I always enjoyed decorating for holidays or special occasions,” said Tubbs of her glamorous table-scape place settings and the multiple Christmas trees she displays each winter.  “So I like to experiment with recipes and ideas.”  

Her fanciful cupcakes are all about creativity and finesse, those that she personally prepares for a customer or a fundraiser.  “It’s always heartfelt said Tubbs, “And I’m very picky about what goes into it and how they’re presented.”

There are people who request special orders, the Fall Festival that she donates to, and organizations like the Breast Cancer Center that she likes to create baskets for.  “I am always experimenting with new ideas, but I especially like the maple cupcakes with butter-crème and bacon topping,” said Tubbs, and her other personal favorite is the carrot and crème cheese.

She is known for her chocolate-inspired candy, with roasted taffy; the white chocolate with cranberries and toasted almonds.  As with any artist, she is inspired by festive holidays and the colors she chooses to celebrate.

“I would say that I do get more creative around certain days like Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tubbs of her crafty-and-artful baking pleasures.  It is during those seasonal events that Tubbs will spend long days in the kitchen surrounded by mixing bowls, baking sheets and messy counters.

When Tubbs is not in the kitchen whipping up batter and frosting, she has taken an interest in decorating tables or even homes.  “I have done some décor for people during the holiday season,” said Tubbs, “I really didn’t know I had talent for this until about 15 years ago, but that is one of my ‘other’ favorite things to do.”

Like an artist, Tubbs often turns to her baskets for expression — from simple ideas to finding items to pull it together.  “It always includes a mix of certain colors, and working with a theme, but it’s always from the heart.”  

What you see is what you get.

“My main-focus is to do the things that I really enjoy,” said Tubbs of her frosting-coated palette, and of course, making people happy.”

Tina Tubbs is an artful baker that enjoys experimenting with fluffy batter and recipes that she turns into a palette of heavenly cupcakes, candied popcorn, homemade candies and pretzel sticks.  Tubbs is known for her work with glamous table-scapes, home decoration and themed-baskets she often donates to non-profits and for local fundraisers.



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