Noehren  Robert Eggett  2004-2017

Best friend, brother to all, and an incredible example — Noehren, affectionately known as “Dory”, was playing night games with his friends when he was hit by a car and pronounced brain dead the following morning, Sunday, September 17, 2017.  After donating his organs to help three others live and help many others improve their quality of life, he has returned to the arms of his loving father, Robert Carlyle Eggett.

Noehren was born March 6, 2004, in Palmyra, NY. Even from the beginning, his bright blue eyes were blossoming evidence of an intelligent and strong soul. He loved to create new things, such as Lego creations and woodworking projects. His main goal in life was to help others and to please his Father in Heaven.

Noehren had a strong spiritual side. He truly loved his Savior, Jesus Christ. He showed great evidence of this through his actions. Everywhere he went, Noehren was always serving others. When asked to do something, he would immediately jump to help. He served loyally as a Priesthood holder, and he was a wonderful example of valiance and standing up for right, even when things went wrong.

Noehren is survived by his parents, Mark and Ingrid Axelson, his sisters Liahona Axelson, Carmody Eggett, Saige Axelson, Cumorah Eggett, Eve Axelson, Jinger Axelson, Keziah Eggett, Marnae Axelson, Salecah Eggett, Jhoryan Eggett, and Rhemadee Axelson, and his grandparents Kent and Shannon Miller, Robert M. Eggett, Laura Decker, Allen and Joy Axelson, and Sharon Sauer.

A celebration of his life was held on Monday, September 25, at the Cedar North Stake Center at 95 N. 2125 West, Cedar City.  A graveside service will be held on Monday, October 2, at 10 a.m., at Ogden City Cemetery at 1875 Monroe Blvd., Ogden, Utah.

The family wishes to extend a special thanks to all those who have dedicated their time and attention to support them. They would also like to thank the many friends, neighbors and ward members who have shown unconditional love during this hard time.

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