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Compiled by LeAnn Woolstenhulme

Iron County School District



Parents:  we continue to see unsafe practices during our parent pick-up at the end of the day.  If you come to pick up your child, please remember: 1) NEVER leave your car unattended in the pickup lane.  2) ALWAYS pull forward whenever you can in the pickup lane.  3) NEVER stop in the drive-thru lane. 4) If you want to park, use the proper parking spaces (whether in the lot or on the street) and then ESCORT your child back to your car 5) NEVER wave your child over and through traffic! 6) NEVER leave your car unattended in the thru lane of 200 North and around the corner on 600 West after 3 p.m. (1 p.m. on Wednesdays).  If we work together, we can ensure that ALL our students get home safely!



On Thursday, September 14, the fourth and second grades will be venturing into the outdoors. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area and have access to areas that allow the students to learn science through personal experience. The fourth grade will be going to Woods Ranch in order to study mountain

forest and wetland ecosystems. The students will also practice using figurative and sensory language to write a descriptive summary of their trip when they return!

The second grade will be heading to Cedar Breaks where they will observe evidence of weathering and erosion. A ranger will teach the students about the unique geology of our area, and they will enjoy a hike through the alpine forest. The teachers would like to remind parents to make sure that children going on

the field trips are dressed in appropriate clothing for activities on the mountain. Sturdy tennis or hiking shoes and a jacket are recommended.



Each year the Health classes at Cedar Middle School are privileged to enjoy guest speaker LaMar Macklin from South West Prevention Services. We want to thank him for coming this week and talking to the students about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. Twice a month students have the opportunity to attend a “club” of their choice during Advisory/SMART time at the end of the day. Our first club day ran smoothly—be sure to ask your student all about it.

Art classes will be attending Art Day on Cedar Mountain September 21. Special guest teachers and models will be artists from SUU.


(Photo caption:  Mr. LaMar Macklin from SW Prevention Services speaking to the CMS Health classes.)



Three Peaks Elementary will host a Community Council meeting in the library on September 13 at 3 p.m.  The council committee prepares, adopts, and implements educational plans. Parent participation helps improve student success and well being for ALL students.  We appreciate those who volunteer their time to serve on our community council.

We have started our Dashers program at Three Peaks. This is a fun program to get our students to exercise each week.  For every 5 miles that a student walks or runs, they receive a charm to wear on a necklace. Many students earn charms that equal over 40 miles of running/or walking time.  We would like to thank Mrs. Susan Parker for managing this great opportunity for our students.



On Wednesday, September 6 during the evening, Canyon View Middle School held a Reading Celebration –themed “Reading Is My Super Power” – to recognize 70 students who completed the summer reading program.  The celebration was open to all students, many of whom came and enjoyed participating in the reading-themed, carnival style games.  There was a character quick change booth, book mark making, Pictionary with book titles, book walk, famous first lines, reader’s theater, book reviews and recommendation, and ask an author with Elaine Vickers.  Mrs. MaryJo Montoya gave short presentations to parents about reading tips to help their students. Students signed a reading pledge to read 30 minutes each night and then were entered into a drawing for various books.

The event was a huge success. Thank you to the PTA, parents, teachers and administers for all of the help and support. A special thank you to Mrs. Mary Saylor for the many, long hours spent organizing this event.



Enoch Tigers learned about the power of positive thinking at this week’s assembly. With the help of Grinda the grinning good witch and friends, the negative witch of the north learns to see the good things in life. School counselor, Megan Gatlin, introduced students to one of the habits of happy kids. This month’s happy habits theme is: Be Proactive.

Students celebrate the raising of $2,800 from selling Starving Student cards. The staff thanks the PTA and parents for their support! The funds will go toward new playground benches.

Cameras will be snapping on September 12 for Picture Day. Parents can order online or fill out picture order forms.

Enoch Elementary families may also look forward to health screenings on September 26 and the fall carnival on September 29. Enjoy an evening of fun from 5 to 8 p.m., with bounce houses, games, and more!


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