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Compiled by LeAnn Woolstenhulme

Iron County School District



We are beginning a Hope Squad at Cedar Middle. It is a wonderful suicide awareness and prevention program. Students who have been nominated by their peers to be kind, good listeners, and someone they would go to if they needed help comprise the group of 29 students. The Hope Squad members are the eyes and ears of the school. These students are taught skills to help others. They are usually the first to sense when something is not right with their friends. Squad members are not trained as counselors but are taught to question, persuade and tell an adult of any concerns. We began our Hope Squad at Cedar Middle with a dinner and training provided by SW Prevention Coalition.  Heidi Baxley (SW Prevention Services) and Ashley Whiting (CMS counselor) were the presenters. Students and their parents attended. All of the secondary schools in our district are creating Hope Squads as well.


The time has come for spelling tests, book reports, math tests and lots of learning!  South’s students have been busy getting comfortable with their new classes and schedules. The 2nd graders have also been going on some field trips. They went to Cedar Breaks and Parowan Gap and also had a walking field trip to the Southern Utah Museum of Art and the Garth and Jerry Frehner Museum of Natural History.

We had the opportunity to have some SUU students from Japan visit some of our classrooms and share some information about their culture at an assembly.  We are appreciative to all of the parent, grandparent, and community help we receive which enriches our students’ learning experiences.


Third grade classes from Three Peaks Elementary had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Parowan Gap. Students were taught that the petroglyphs found there are thought to be the work of several cultural groups and represent a long period of use by Native cultures. Students also learned that the meaning of the designs is unknown and that archaeologists debate whether they represent concepts, ideas or actual happenings. The local Native Americans consider them to be an important part of their cultural history relating stories of their ancestor’s life. The Parowan Gap Petroglyphs are listed on the National Register of Historic Places signifying its importance as a cultural treasure. Third grade students learned the importance of taking care of and preserving these petroglyphs and all other historical treasures.

Three Peaks Elementary will hold Hearing and Health Screenings on September 21. Thank you to the Iron County School District nurses, the district speech pathologists, and the PTA volunteers who will help with these screenings.


Students and teachers gathered around the flagpole on Monday, September 11, to remember those that lost their lives during the 9/11 tragedy. The flag was raised, the pledge was spoken, and voices were lifted up in the lyrics of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Principal Daniel Ekker shared his memories of that day and how it affected his life. He told of his time serving the country as a soldier. He encouraged students to show respect when they say the Pledge of Allegiance and remember the lives given so that we could have freedom in America.

Classes continued to honor the fallen and the heroes through the day. Mrs. Megan Meachum’s class created a commemorative art quilt. Each piece of the quilt shows students’ reflections on freedom, the tragedy, and stopping hate. Mrs. Susan Braden’s class wrote poems, discussed what 9/11 meant to them, and made “We will never forget” cupcakes.


Cedar North Elementary is excited and grateful to once again have a large contingent of SUU Elementary Block students in our school.  These pre-service teachers work in our classrooms for a half-day and then spend the other half of their day in college classes under the tutelage of SUU professors Brian Ludlow and Peggy Wittwer.  We appreciate these two educators and all our block students for the excellent help they give us at North.  The really make a difference in the quality of education we offer all our students.  Thanks, SUU, for all your support!


Fiddlers Canyon Elementary’s students and faculty are gearing up for our Color Run!  We kicked it off with a fun assembly where the teachers participated in a mock color run and were sprayed with silly string! The run will be held on Friday October 13th this year. We are raising money to purchase chrome labs for our students. We would love to have a 1 to 1 ratio at least for our 5th graders, if not all of the upper grades. For any businesses still interested in donating please contact Fiddlers PTA at We thank the sponsors and families that have already contributed and are very grateful for their support.



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