Graduates celebrate high school completion, new beginnings

By Holly Coombs

Adorned in various colored caps and gowns, Iron County high schools completed its graduation ceremonies last Tuesday and Wednesday at Cedar High School, Parowan High School and the Southern Utah University Centrum Arena.

Last Tuesday approximately 60 students from Southwest Education Academy jumped for joy and shared their gratitude with their teachers for the ability to graduate high school, some even earlier than expected.

The ceremony took place at Cedar High School with a full Auditorium. The Academy provides students, who struggle to stay in regular high school, get the education and attention needed to help them succeed and graduate.

Senior Brody Cacho spoke before the crowd in gratitude for his teachers that made it possible for him to make it through school.

(Graduating high school) means the start of a new chapter for me. It gives me some independence to decide what I can and want to do.
— Emmy Evans, Parowan High Graduate

“I was going through a really difficult time and I was able to graduate early because of my teachers and they cared about me,” Cacho said.

He continued to say that he hoped to become some type of counselor in his career.

Senior Charlee Roberts said she is grateful she too has been able to graduate early. Roberts currently works with her mother at her nail salon and she hopes to someday have her own salon.

Principal Steve Schofield said there were approximately 60 graduates from the Academy. He said the Academy has been around since 2000. Schofield has been Principal for six of those years.

He said he is proud of the accomplishments made by the students.

“These are students at one time just said ‘I can’t do this. Teachers are stupid, they hate me. I can’t do this,’” Schofield said.

Canyon View High School, Parowan High School and Cedar High School all celebrated the 2017 graduating classes that next day.

“(Graduating means) the start of life and a brand new thing,” Parowan Senior Tarren Overson said. “I am actually mad I’m graduation. It went by way too quick and I loved high school.”

Parowan Senior Christian Rodriguez also said high school isn’t easy, but it’s scary to realize after high school life doesn’t get easier.

Emmy Evans, another Parowan High School senior said she wants to go to Southern Utah University.

“(Graduating high school) means the start of a new chapter for me,” Evans said. “It gives me some independence to decide what I can and want to do.”

The three seniors advised current high school students to enjoy the time in school while it lasts.

“Be involved,” Evans said. “I was in a lot of sports and I enjoyed school a lot more because of that.”

During Cedar High School’s ceremony, the students paid tribute to a fellow senior, Raquel Wilson, who passed away two years ago of brain cancer, with a video and photos. Fellow classmates shared thoughts of the positive influence Wilson had on them.

Students held up their hands to shape a heart as Wilson used to do.

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