Cedar City Renaissance Faire brings community, people together

By Holly Linford

Iron County Today

Cedar City’s 35th annual Renaissance Faire brought in different vendors selling products, face-painting, food vendors, performers, Funtime Inflatables, and more last Wednesday through Saturday in the Cedar City Main Street Park.

Aaron Stokes, a harp player for the faire, said it is his eighth year coming to Cedar City and it is one of his favorite places to come because of how friendly the people are and how receptive to his music the people are.

Community members enjoy various aspects of the Renaissance era during the 35th annual faire last week |Photo by Corey Baumgartner, Iron County Today

“Besides playing music, I also pull a wagon and scream out bring out your dead, which people seem to really have fun with,” he said. “I love interacting with people and sharing the harp because many think it’s an impossible instrument to play. It’s fun to show people just how easy it is to play.”

Stokes said he has been playing the harp for eight years, and started playing the day his youngest daughter was born.

“There was a harp in my music store that hadn’t been touched or sold and I just decided to buy it,” he said. “My daughter was being born so I took it to the hospital to sooth my wife while we were waiting for our daughter to arrive and it just stuck.”

Stokes said events like these are important to get people interested in other activities besides their phones and TV.

“These events help us maintain our humanity because we get out and interact with others,” he said. These things allow us to experience a little bit of magic. It stirs something inside of us.”

Julia Edwards, who runs the photo booth for the festival every year, said.

Edwards said this year is her fourth year coming to the faire and that she loves it.

She said coming to Cedar City for the faire also gives her the opportunity to enjoy the Shakespeare plays as well.

“Cedar City is a great town,” Edwards said. “It’s the perfect spot for the renaissance faire. People seem to really enjoy getting dressed up into costumes and having their pictures taken at our booth.”

Residents dress up for the Renaissance Faire from July 12-15 in Cedar City Main Street Park |Photo by Corey Baumgartner, Iron County Today

Spike Sandblaster, owner of the wanderlust import trading company, said the company travels all over the country every year doing festivals and fairs.

Sandblaster said it’s important for Cedar City to have the faire because it brings a sense of community.

“If you don’t have the focus on community then it will just go away,” he said.

Sandblaster said his favorite part of the faire is interacting with the people.

“People are really friendly here,” he said. “I love traveling with this business, so much so that I bought it. I love talking with people and meeting them.”

Kurt Peterson, a Cedar City resident, said he thinks the faire is important for Cedar City to have events like the Renaissance Faire because it gets people out of the house.

“People need to get out and see different cultures and be a part of different things,” he said.

Carmody Eggett, a Cedar City resident, said the renaissance faire is one of her favorite things that Cedar City has to offer.

“It brings families together,” she said. “It helps us to have fun and to exercise our imaginations.  It brightens up Cedar City for the summer.”

Greg Zaborsky, the Scentsy vendor, said it is his eighth year being a part of the faire.

Zaborsky said his favorite part of the faire every year is to hear Stokes play his harp and pull his cart, yelling bring out your dead!

“I look for that guy every year,” he said.




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daniel semick

This was the best fair in over a decade. Everything was great, including the food. The pregnant belly dancers were funny too. People spending money. Families together enjoying a Utah outing. Cannot say enough good thing about this fair. The times have changed for the good. Can’t wait for next years fair.

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