Brody’s Mexican Restaurant named business of the month

Holly Linford
Iron County Today

Brody’s Mexican Restaurant has been named Business of the Month by the Chamber of Commerce for the month of June.

Christopher McCormick, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said Brody’s was nominated because of its customer service and exceptional food quality.

“The owners are always there to address the concerns of their customers,” McCormick said. “They have a very friendly and fun atmosphere as well.”

He said businesses are nominated by anyone in the community, which are then turned into the chamber of commerce in writing.

McCormick said the nominations are given to the ambassadors of the Chamber of Commerce where they are narrowed down to three. The three business names are then given to a community review committee where they pick the winner.

McCormick said the eligibility requirements for becoming business of the month include, being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, being in business for at least a year, and offered superior service or been an ambassador for the community.

Abimael Garcia, Owner of Brody’s Mexican Restaurant, said Brody’s stands out in this town because the food is authentic and because of good customer service.

“We’re here to please the customer,” he said. “I tell my staff all of the time to make (customers) happy because if they leave happy you’ll end up happy.”

Garcia said another key factor in business is listening to the customer.

“I ask my customers all the time how I can fix things,” he said. “I tell them I can’t fix anything if I don’t know there’s a problem. “It’s also important to interact with your customers and really get to know them.”

Luis Arriaga, an employee of Brody’s Mexican Restaurant, said their business stands out because everything is consistent.

“Everyday, everything is made fresh and the same,” he said. “We also work like a team here to take care of the customers. Making people feel happy is our goal.”

Ron Flud, who lived in Cedar City for years still comes down to Brody’s and is a regular there.

Flud said Brody’s Mexican Restaurant is one of his favorite restaurants because of how good they treat you.

“We came in today and haven’t been in in a while, but we were greeted at the door,” he said. “They know who you are.”

Flud said Brody’s has always stood out to him because the staff actually cares.

“Al always comes over to make sure everything is fine,” he said. “Brody’s is special. Most places they want you in and out. Brody’s has great food and excellent customer service.”

Garcia said he and his family started the restaurant in Cedar City in 2013, though they started as a taco stand in 2009 in Minersville.

In 2013 when they moved, the owners of Sears who happened to have lived in Minersville told him about the Mexican restaurant next to Sears that had been closed for a while. He said he had tried their food and let them establish their own restaurant.

Garcia said the restaurant is named after his son, Brody and got the name when his son was small and rolled his blanket into a taco shape.

Garcia said the business is a family effort, and his wife deserves most of the credit since she is the main cook.

“She will not skip any ingredient which makes it special,” he said. “She doesn’t have any of her recipes written down either, she knows them all by heart. She’s the main person of Brody’s and I think all of the staff knows that and keeps her happy.”

Arriaga said his personal favorite item on the menu are the carnitas with rice and beans and tortillas or the fajitas.  

Flud said his favorite item on the menu is the Molcajete

“The way it’s served is special,” he said. “The presentation of it is amazing.”


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