50th Anniversary: Robert “Bob” & Billie Nordstrom

Robert “Bob” & Billie Nordstrom of Cedar City Utah Celebrated their 50th Anniversary with Family & Friends on November 4th, 2017. They have 4 Children: Carolyn Holley, Sarah McDonald, Lydia Rice & Andrew Nordstrom.  They also have 16 grandchildren.  Bob has served at the Care & Share for 7 years.  They have been foster parents for about 10 years and fostered about 50 boys.  They have lived in the area for 24 years.

Their children and families hosted a Dinner/Buffet with family and friends on 4th November-Saturday from 6 pm-9pm at the L.D.S. Ward Building at 1650 W. Center Street in Cedar City.

They were married on November 4th, 1967 at the South Gate 1st Southern Baptist Church in South Gate, California and on August 12th 1989 were sealed as a family in the Los Angeles, California L.D.S. Temple.

They were owners of the Yogurt Junction in Cedar City from October 1st 1993 until 31st of December 1994.

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