103rd Birthday: Mary Simkins Dalton

Our beloved Mother and Grandmother Mary Simkins Dalton will celebrate her 103rd Birthday on February 8, 2018.   She is a wonderful lady who is cherished by her 6 children, 26 grandchildren, and over 120 great grandchildren.

Every member of “Grandma Dalton’s” family is the proud owner of a beautifully crocheted Christmas stocking, and her amazing hand-stitched quilts have been lovingly given throughout the years. Her peanut butter cookie recipe is eagerly sought after, and no grandchild will every visit grandma’s house without leaving with a handful of caramels from her candy dish.

Mary was born in Southerland, Utah. She moved to Circleville when she was 3 years old, and then became a resident of Cedar City three years ago. Mary, along with her family, will have a birthday party in her honor on February 10. Happy Birthday Grandma Dalton!


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