WARNING: Do Remove Labels

Labels are everywhere and on everything. They help identify a product’s purpose and to help one make the most prudent purchase. One of the most infamous labels can be found on mattresses. “Under penalty of law,” one should not, in good consciousness, even attempt remove that taunting tag. If one does commit such a heinous act, they better watch their back for the mattress marshal!

But seriously, the purpose of the mattress label originated to help prevent mattress malpractice. Believe it or not, some misleading manufacturers would actually stuff their mattresses with horse hair, old rags, even rotten food! They saved money and materials and assumed that what the sleeper didn’t see (or smell) wouldn’t hurt them. Eventually, it became a requirement for all mattress manufacturers to add a label that would make clear the mattress’s contents, so the consumer would know exactly what sort of stuff they were sleeping on. If the label had been removed or tampered with, it was the sign of a bad bed.

What would your personal labels say? What kinds of things have you stuffed your mind, heart and life with? What labels do people see when they look at you? More importantly what labels have you put on yourself? Do you have labels you wish you could remove but are afraid to, or don’t know how to? Are you trying to hide what’s on the inside by attaching fake or misleading labels to fool or impress others? Perhaps you’ve neglected removing any lying labels because you’re afraid that someone will remind you of your rotten past and make you feel that your stuff will never be up to snuff?

Maybe you’re just overwhelmed because you’ve become overstuffed with so many artificial materials that you feel like you’ll never be good enough, happy enough, smart enough, etc. You can add a dozen other demoralizing and lacerating labels. Ultimately, the libel of your labels is liable to leave you with many sleepless nights and a life of tossing and turning, no matter what kind of mattress you are sleeping on. Make no mistake, materials matter. You matter. You may have lost a spring or two in your step, and you may have had your original stuffing replaced by mistakes and misunderstandings, but that doesn’t mean you should be treated like and tossed out like, an old useless mattress.

It’s time for some new stuffing, new springs and “Under penalty of peace,” tear off your old labels. And don’t just re-write new labels, remove and replace them and anything else that doesn’t help you become and live a better life. You’ve still got enough stuff to make your dreams come true. Wake-up, get up and go make some new labels: Fighter, Friend, Forgiver, Faithful, Focused, Fearless, First-Class. Don’t forget to add a new warning label. A declaration for all the world to see when they see you. “Do Not Remove Because I Still Matter!”

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