The stories of our lives may not always make the best headlines or bedtime stories. They may not always make the best benchmarks, springboards, speeches, or sermons, but they are our stories to live and to tell. We may not be proud of every page, but we must remember that each of us are more than the pages of our past, and that there are plenty of pages left to write.

Each day the book of life gives us a new page, a new beginning. We can’t erase what we’ve already written, but we don’t have to let the ink of our pasts poison the fountains of our futures. Each new page is a chance to make better choices and change the remaining chapters for the better. Yes, we will still misspell and make mistakes as we choose our own adventures, but they will be stepping stones to success and milestones to those who will follow in our footsteps. It is also crucial to remember that each trial can be transformed into a touchstone, not a tombstone. Never forget that each of us is always worth a new day and a new page.

Sometimes new days are daunting because our pasts are still haunting us. When the voice of fear tells us our future is forfeited because of our past failures, it’s time to stop listening and looking backwards and start living forwards. We will no longer be held hostage by hopelessness. It’s easy to only see what we’ve lost and at how great a cost, but don’t take for granted each new day. It is an unexplored and untainted treasure.

We can learn to live again and create memories worth remembering. After all, our memory’s main design is not to constantly maim or reprimand us, but to remind us of the good and wonderful things life has given to us and still has to offer. Yes, our previous choices can affect our current ones, but those lessons learned can teach us how to make better choices, listen to better voices and write better stories.

The hero of your story may be hurting, forgotten, even disregarded and discarded, but the hero is still inside you. No matter where you are right now, what you’ve gone through, or are still going through, open up the book of your life again. There are many more amazing and beautiful chapters left to write.

The pen of the present is still in your hand. I know your heart has untapped wells filled with the ink of courage and hope. Maybe you think that your story is over, or that it’s not worth writing, but your story is worth it and far from finished. It’s time to turn the page and write a better story for yourself. Keep turning the page and write with all your heart and bring your story back to life. I know that it’s going to be worth every page.

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