THE RUT LESS TRAVELED:   Small and Simple Things

As the refreshing rains returned to Southern Utah, I was thankful in many ways. I was thankful for thirsty crops caressed by Mother Nature’s tears. I was thankful for the drenched drought, even if the delightful deluge was only a temporary sip from the waters of life. While there are many other reasons to rejoice in the rainfall, including my bonus free car wash, I was also thankful for my newly replaced wiper blades.

Wiper blades are an amazing invention. Sure, it may take time to locate the correct ones for your vehicle, but when the rain starts falling on your windshield, you’ll be glad you not only bought them, but installed them correctly. It’s worth mentioning that, even if you buy the super-duper-storm-of-the-century-rain-repelling kind; if you don’t use them, they will be useless. Also, if you don’t keep them maintained and/or replaced, they won’t work properly when you need them. This can put your safety, and that of your passengers and other drivers, at risk.

It’s like life. Too often, we wait until we need something to realize it’s not working and should have been replaced. It’s often the small and simple things—the things that could have been done relatively easily and quickly—that we put off until the proverbial “tomorrow” and then wonder why we didn’t act sooner. It’s not even that we don’t have the time, tools, or talents; it’s that we don’t realize that small things really do make the biggest differences in life. Concerning wiper blades, they can make all the difference while driving through storms.

We will all experience the storms of life. Sometimes your physical, emotional and spiritual windshields get drenched in rain, bugs and the muck of life. It’s very difficult, even unsafe, to try and drive when you can’t see properly. And when you try looking at life through a dirty, or even cracked windshield, you can feel wayward, worthless and wiped out.

If you do feel wiped out because your wiper blades are broken, even if you can’t replace them right away. Don’t be afraid to pull over and patiently wait for the storm to pass. Maybe you need to repair your internal wiper blades to help clear away the rude and crude comments and actions from those around you. Sometimes, it’s not just harmless water droplets to disperse, it’s repairing rock chips. If you’ve ever had a rogue rock chip and crack your windshield or have had to endure another’s uncaring actions towards you or someone else, you know that they can feel about the same.

Finally, never let fear stop you from repairing, or replacing anything in your life that is blocking your vision and your value, including yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for procrastinating the repairs, or the replacements. Remember that you can find the strength to endure life’s storms. The key is not complaining about the rain but learning to dance in it.

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