Don’t Be Leaving…Be Believing!

We’re more than halfway through 2017. Do you still remember your New Year’s resolutions? If so, then I’m certain they have and will still be tried and tested by the daily distractions and doubts of life. There will be times when you may even feel incapable of conquering those distracting doubts before they become debilitating dead-ends. Doubts often find a way to sneak through your renewed motivations and devotions in an attempt to thwart your plans to make the necessary changes in hopes that 2017 will not just be a better year, but a better life.

How do you keep believing in yourself and your goals and keep going, even when you feel overwhelmed and wiped-out? It’s not easy! Often, you see only where you should be, or what you should have already done with your life. You can become bitter at the world, or other people, and especially yourself for not being a better person or living a better life by now.


Even when you try to get back on track it seems that for every one step you take forward, something or someone knocks you back two or three steps. It’s hard to keep taking more steps when your dreams keep getting derailed; when everything and everyone seems to be against you.  Sometimes it does seem easier to give up on, or leave your goals and your dreams on the shelves of shortcomings, or forgotten in the junk piles of procrastination, than to be believing that you can still achieve your dreams and live a better life.

How can you put yourself in a better position to overcome opposition and be successful? The key to achieving such a feat is, ironically, your feet. You have to be sure your feet are headed in the right direction. This includes your physical and emotional feet. No matter how motivated you are to move step by step, if you’re stepping in the wrong direction you’re only setting yourself up for trouble. I know it seems too easy to think that small and simple steps will ever get you to your destinations, but they will!

And the next time you fall down, or get knocked down, don’t use it as an excuse to beat yourself, or others, up. Use it as time to regroup and recoup. Reassess your situation and keep moving forward with wiser steps. Your set-backs can be set-ups for your come backs, if you’re willing to get back up.

Then, you’ve got to stop staring backwards, or fearing incoming future flack. Fly higher and keep stepping forward. Don’t let hesitance hinder your confidence. This is your life and your dreams. They may be a little dusty when you pull them down off the shelf, or dirty from all the gunk the world and others have thrown on them, but this is a new day to renew you and your dreams. Step forward. Be believing. Don’t be leaving. This is your time.

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