THE RUT LESS TRAVELED:   Metamorphosis          

By Corey Baumgartner

Remember the classic children’s story about the hungry caterpillar? Its sole mission in life was to find food. Each day of the week it ate something different, but it was still hungry. One day it ate so much that it got sick. Eventually, it built a nice little cocoon for itself and went to sleep. When it woke up it discovered a miraculous metamorphosis had taken place. The hungry caterpillar that crawled around searching for food, was now a beautiful butterfly. It could explore a world it had never seen, or even imagined during its search to satisfy its stomach.

Where are you in your life, right now? Are you truly happy where you’re at and with what you’re doing? Do you feel fulfilled, or are you just filling up time searching for things that do not edify and never seem to truly satisfy? There are plenty of ruts in this world that appear to be fun and fulfilling, but like junk food, will only leave you hungry for more, until you get sick.

Maybe it’s time for your own miraculous metamorphosis? Are you stuck in your cocoon? Maybe you don’t want to be a caterpillar, but don’t believe you can be a butterfly, either? I’ve found that it’s difficult to receive the butterfly blessings of life while I’m still living like a caterpillar.

I get it, cocoons can be comfy. But are they comfortable only because they’ve become familiar? What if you’re meant to be more than a hungry caterpillar, or stuck in a cocoon all of your life? I also get that breaking free is scary! It takes time and effort. Do you remember in elementary school, when that long-awaited moment arrived when the butterfly finally begins breaking free from its cocoon? There’s an awkward struggle. Perhaps you wanted to help the butterfly by reaching out and remove the rest of the cocoon? Then, you learned that the butterfly needed the struggle to strengthen its wings.

It’s similar to our lives. No one that I know of likes to struggle. In today’s world, not having wi-fi or two-day shipping is considered a struggle! But we can’t fear change, or improvements just because there is struggle in the change. Like the butterfly, beginning to break free from the cocoon is great, but without the struggle, the butterfly won’t be able to be all it was created to be. Without its wings being strengthened by the struggle of casting off the cocoon, it would fall helpless to the ground.

This week, I challenge you to become more like a butterfly. Don’t fear the silence, solitude or struggle of the cocoon. Embrace it and let it transform you, but don’t stay stuck. Begin to break out and when it gets difficult, don’t let the struggle tempt or transform you back into a comfortable, hungry caterpillar. You were created for something much more. It’s time to spread your wings and go find out what that is!

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