Reversing the trends with our choices

By Louise R. Shaw

Some things we might not miss, others we might not want to let go.

But ultimately, we are the ones who will decide.

The latest news indicates malls are going out. Amazon and all that.

Before that it was books and newspapers, CDs and movie theaters.

As the disruptive force that is the Internet continues to wreak its havoc, we keep getting news about what we will shortly be losing and the trends are unwelcome. Especially to us old people averse to change.

Until we point out to ourselves that we are the ones who buy the books and go to the movies and malls.

Meaning we are the ones who can control the trends by our choices.

And that’s why I’m encouraging us all to go out and buy something at a mall.

Any mall. Any thing.

We can prove them wrong.

To be honest, I am not a shopper.

While it is true that if I bother to go shopping I can find something to buy, I very rarely bother to go shopping.

Maybe the last day of a trip for a souvenir. For sure before Christmas and birthdays. But never for entertainment or from boredom.

Truth be told, it gives me headaches.

Too many decisions.

So why would I care that TIME magazine says malls are trending out?

Because I like knowing they are there, that’s all.

I like them because people congregate there. People eat and visit and talk to each other and have their first jobs and their second dates and go for walks and window shop when the weather’s bad.

So let’s save the malls. And keep things social.

Not just you and your computer alone shopping.

People together.

And while that would be a start, there is more to be done.

Which brings me to newspapers.

While it’s too bad about movies and books and CDs, it’s tragic about newspapers.

We simply can’t let our news go entirely only online and be free.

And though I didn’t read it in TIME, I did hear that TIME Inc. is cutting its global staff.

And the thought of losing TIME magazine would absolutely ruin my morning workout routine, not to mention my ability to get in-depth information on what is happening in the world and why it matters.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the importance of news.

You probably already have a sense of what a newspaper means to a community. How it keeps the people connected and keeps the politicians knowing they’re being watched. How it recognizes accomplishments and points out crimes that we need to be aware of for our own safety; how it helps us know where the Farmers’ Market has moved and who won the high school football game.

A newspaper offers opinions and it gives details on businesses; it provides updates on construction projects and proposed tax increases and it ensures freedom by watching government at all levels.

And as with malls, we can ensure their survival by our support.

So keep subscribing. Then get your friends/kids/neighbors to subscribe.

Then buy a book. Then go to a movie.

When change is good, embrace it. When change is not, reverse it.

The ball’s in our court.



CUTLINE: Malls are places for first jobs, second dates and community connections.

Photo by Louise R. Shaw

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