The Grass is Always Greener?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You’ve heard this familiar phrase a thousand times, right? It’s usually quoted to remind or reprimand others, including ourselves, that life always seems to be better for the person on the other side of the fence. They always look younger, healthier, wealthier, happier, have a nicer car, a more organized house, and better behaved children, etc. etc.

Why does the grass look greener on the other side? Scientifically speaking, the photosynthesis of grass works the same on both sides. Then what makes the difference in our perspectives? I believe it’s when we compare our lawns, or lives, with other people’s progress; especially people who have what we want, or have better, newer things than we do. This comparison leads to competition and even contention and can cause us to lose sight of the virtue and value of our own yards, homes, and families already growing right beneath our feet, so to speak.

What are you doing worrying about the grass on the other side anyway? If you want greener grass then start watering and fertilizing the side you’re on. This doesn’t mean you can’t glean personal landscaping tips from your parents, peers and elders. It does mean be careful spending your valuable time and energy on other people’s problems and not taking care of your own.

Besides, it does no good to compare and covet other people’s yard work and hard work. When you compare you despair and begin defining your life by “What if’s” and “If onlys”. Let me give you some greener motivation. IF you are reading this, then there is still something that ONLY you can do for good in this world. WHAT IF you started working more on your own emotional, spiritual, financial and educational landscaping more often than comparing and complaining? Begin today to replace the superficial and artificial turf in your life with the new sod of confidence and courage by making the necessary changes to how you take care of you. Yes, there will still be dry patches, annoying weeds and doggie doo-doo to deal with, but you’ll be happier when you stop competing with the “Joneses” and start appreciating, enjoying and improving the lawn and life you have.

Stop peering and pointing out the weeds and junk in other people’s yards and stay concerned and committed to making the grass greener and healthier on your own side. Water it, weed it and feed it. Not out of compulsion or competition, but for the satisfaction of improvement. There is a peace and joy that will come from knowing you are doing your best and improving when and where you can in your life; regardless of the race other people are running, or the grass other people are mowing.

This week, seek to make the grass greener on your side of the fence. If you want some help weeding and watering, email me.


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