We are more alike than we think

by Bryan Gray

The opinions stated in this article are solely those of the author and not of Iron County Today

It seems like every other week an ad for a “What a Woman Wants” event is in the newspaper. Republican nominee, Donald Trump has serious trouble capturing women voters. And it seems like the old “Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus” mentality of the 80s is still up for discussion.

So are the genders really that different? I don’t pretend to understand even a small percentage of the opposite sex. I can only comment on the woman in my life. We agree on the big issues but in other ways we march to a different drummer. Heck, sometimes we aren’t even in the same parade!

AROUND THE HOUSE: While I’m perfectly happy to leave a glass on the counter or a pair of slacks draped over a bedroom chair, she doesn’t even let dust settle before she has a can of Pledge in hand. The minute she gets out of bed, she starts making it. But give credit where credit is due – when there is a household repair to tackle, I’m reaching for the phone to call the experts and she is on her phone looking up a YouTube video for fix-it yourself tips with a wrench in the other hand.

POLITICS: Oh, we agree on most issues. It’s how we participate that differs. Not only do I enjoy watching the presidential debates, but I’ll watch the pre-show buildup as well as the post-show analysis. Debate watching is an endurance sport for me. My wife will occasionally start to watch, but inevitably her anxiety will get the best of her and she will head upstairs to read a book and let me give her the condensed version. It’s the same whenever the Utah Jazz are playing.

ENTERTAINMENT: We are both readers, she more than I. But while I’m happy reading the latest Jonathan Kellerman or a classic Agatha Christie, she is drawn towards the more “literary” authors. She gets annoyed with all of the twists and turns of the typical thriller. “Don’t throw in a character that doesn’t have any purpose,” she says. On the other hand, she’s an enthusiastic fan of the “shoot ‘em up” action thrillers while I wouldn’t know Jason Bourne from Jason Chaffetz.

SOCIAL INTERACTIONS: I’ve been known to make coffee plans with people I’ve met on a plane. I figure everyone has a story and usually those stories are interesting enough to keep me entertained from Salt Lake to Chicago. My wife on the other hand opens a book and puts on headphones as soon as she sits down. If America ever wanted to build a wall to keep people out, she should be consulted.

It’s true. Men and women are different, but so are men and men and women and women. That’s what makes life interesting. Fortunately, we acknowledge and accept these differences better in person than we do on Facebook or even worse, in anonymous “comment” posts.

In the end, we are more alike than we are different. Most of us want to be valued. We want our loved ones to be happy. We want a warm bed at night, clean water to drink, and enough food to keep our bellies full. Life is pretty simple once you get to the essentials.

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