New bakery opens in Parowan

By Craig Bennett

Iron County Today

PAROWAN–The grand opening for Papa D’s Bakery and Coffee Shop was held on January 15 at 30 North Main Street.

Janidzio and Juanita Calverio own Calverio’s restaurant in Parowan. Speaking with Iron County Today, Janidzio said, “Dan Ortega was baking our goodies and cinnamon rolls for us at Calverio’s. It was a small space for him, but at the same time my wife and I were talking about how good the people of Parowan have been to us as a family. Great people, great community.” He went on to say, “We were thinking about making a Mexican kind of store, but at the same time my wife kept saying, ‘what about a bakery with a coffee shop?’”

Calverio was a supervisor at the Pig Farms, but owning a restaurant was always Juanita’s dream. He hesitated at first. He had been in the restaurant business and knew how big a commitment it was, as well as how much time it consumed.

Juanita told her husband, “we have the baker and the equipment, let’s find a space,” and just a short time later the space just a few doors down became available.

The Calvarios called the owner of the building and leased it. The process started. They are doing it little by little, with Dan Ortega as the baker. There is also another baker and a daughter, Shasha, baking goodies.

“We wanted to bring something new to the people of Parowan,” said Janidzio. “We can provide pastries and goodies along with our restaurant.”

“Papa” in Spanish means father. Janidzio is the papa. The ‘D’ is Dan Ortega, the baker. Thus the name Papa D’s Bakery and Coffee Shop. Calvario’s daughter came up with the name.

“Sometimes people tell me I’m crazy for taking on more, but people in Parowan know us and know that we have a restaurant,” said Janidzio.

Dan Ortega had devoted his entire adult life to working in customer service and sales. He had always told himself that he would pursue something else at some point but didn’t expect it to happen right now. Only one thing stuck out as something he was passionate about and that was baking. He loved making pies and fresh breads for his family and friends. Some of his earliest memories were the sights and smells of a bakery or coffee shop.

The coffee shop and bakery is open Monday thru Saturday 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and offers a full coffee shop menu and a wide assortment of pastries, baked goods and breads.



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